Saturday, June 16, 2018

Five reasons to start your day with a 30 minute walk

Get Started Right

Are you one of those people who just gets out of bed, showers, eats breakfast and then off to work?

When you get to work do you feel that you have the best start to the day? 

Or, do you feel I am not ready for this.

Do you feel something is missing, do you know what it is?

Here is something to ponder.

Have you ever given any thought to a 30-minute walk before
you go to work?

Are you aware of the benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day?

Look at it this way:

A shower is refreshing, a walk is invigorating, it perks up your whole body, gets your mind right for the day ahead.

According to the health gurus, there many reasons for a good walk on a daily basis.

Here are five excellent reasons to walk for at least 30 minutes a day or a mile to a mile and a half.

1. Walking 30 minutes a day gets your heart stimulated, the blood flowing through the veins. Studies show that your heart, which is one of the many voluntary muscles in your body, needs exercise to stay strong and healthy.

2. Walking can be a soothing experience, use the 30-minute walk to get things straight in your mind, reduce stress and sort out the day.

3. Walking is easy on your joints, low impact and does not put the pressure on your ankles, knees or hips the way running does. 

Wear a good pair of walking/running shoes your joints will thank you.

4. Walking helps with weight reduction, the slower the weight comes off, the longer it stays off.

The calorie burn is not as much as running, walking every day makes for a more consistent calorie burn.

5. Walking will improve your overall health, reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, increase stamina and help reduce the aging process.

There a lot more health and well-being reasons for a 30 minute a day walk those five will get you started.

If you want to know how far you are actually walking during your 30 minutes a day walk try a walk-logger.  

Use the ones that can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store, they are usually free.

They are not as accurate as the wearables like Bit-Fit or the like, they are free and do a good job

Well, anyway get out there and start the daily walk for better health and fitness.

Monday, April 2, 2018


I have a dilemma, what topic to write about and post to this blog. 

A little input from those who read this blog, there must be very few, as to what they would like to read about on this blog.

If there any readers out there who sorta like my writing style, hit comments and
mention a topic to read about.

I am open to suggestions, be reasonable, I don't write in the profane or vulgar tense. 

This blog is a catch-all blog where I am going to tackle different topics each week.

Topics I am considering:

  1. Classic cars, how I rate them.
  2. Good reasons to quit cable or satellite TV.
  3. Why walking is important to stay fit and healthy.
  4. Get the most out of your life after a heart attack.
  5. The anatomy of a heart attack.
Those are just a few ideas I'm considering, I may not write about any of
those topics, have to wait and see.

If this blog has any readers, get involved and become a part of something, tell friends and family.

Should this blog take off and start going places there could be something in
it for the loyal followers who hung in there.

It seems just about every blog or online business have freebies to give to loyal fans, I'll do the same.

Well, I have nothing else to write.

Best blog reading possible,

Chris H.

Saturday, December 16, 2017



Well, it started snowing yesterday(Dec. 15) with very large flakes.
That was about 1:30 pm and it is still snowing(3:30 am, Dec. 16).

I like the snow there so many things one can do in the snow.

Skiing, I tried skiing and was not cut out for it.

Sledding enjoyed it as a child, had my own sled and longed for snow once the cold weather hit.  

Tobogganing really liked to toboggan.  Get some friends together, go out into the woods, find a steep hill and don't forget that big pot of chili.  Spend the day tobogganing, having fun, then wet and cold and full of chili, you head home.  That was great.

Snowshoeing, tried it once or twice and liked it, but never became a true fan.

Cross-country skiing never tried it, a lot of people cross country as an alternative to hiking.

Snowboarding, it looks fun and slightly dangerous and I think it is now an Olympic sport.

Having a snowball fight, great when you were younger, a little hazardous if you got hit in the face with an ice ball.

Building a snowman, that was great fun, rolling a snowball in the snow until it got really big.  Doing that until you had three great
snowballs.  Stack one on the other, make a face out of whatever was handy.

Now, I play with my Rottweiler in the backyard when there is enough snow.  I pull an old snow shovel and Leo puts his front paws on the blade, holds on with his teeth and I pull him around the backyard.

Yes, playing in the snow is a lot of fun, if you like the snow.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Looking For Work

                                    Looking For Work

Looking for work, especially online, can be a daunting effort.  

There are a large number of people looking for the same work you are.

Often you arrive at a listed job and it is days old.

You wonder, "Why is it so hard to find a current opening?"

You get up early to start the web search and still the job post is at least half a day old.

You watch video tutorials on YouTube and absorb every detail of the instruction.

You take, mostly free, online courses to enhance your ability to woo a client.

It seems the harder you prepare to get hired, the less your proposals are read.

Maybe, looking for work that you think you are suited for isn't the answer.

Maybe, you need to apply for the job posts that seem outside your range of comfort.

Take a challenge, write an article that the content is not familiar to you.

Look for job posts that require considerable research to improve your knowledge base.

Find your favorite topic niche and offer to guest blog for that site. 

Have completed articles stored in the document file of your computer.

The point here is to keep plugging away and you will land that first project.

Keep watching those tutorial vids, taking free online courses and things will fall in place for you.

Once you get accepted by clients and complete a few projects for them, things will get better.

Keep trudging along and you will succeed, behind every success is a list of failures.

You learn from what you did not do right the first time.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Another Thanksgiving Out Of The Way

Well, I was up early to prepare the annual feast for the day we give thanks.  We give thanks for several blessings we have.  Health, financial security, having good friends, you know the routine. 

 I prepared an 8.26 lb turkey for Leo and me to devour when it is done being cooked.  I made dressing not quite the conventional way.  Oh, I used the standard dressing mix loaded with herbs and spices.  I added a few ingredients usually not put in dressings, at least not in my family.  It turned out to be a dynamite dressing the best tasting dressing I have made so far. 

Then came the turkey, it was properly thawed out and rinsed with cold water.  I cooked it in a cast iron skillet that has been in my family for close to one hundred years.  After stuffing it with some of the dressing, I basted it with a mixture of soy sauce, barbecue sauce and butter.  I baked it 380 degrees for three hours, basting every hour.   Once the bird reached the right temperatures and after I made gravy, it was ready to eat.

And what a Thanksgiving dinner it was!  That is all for now, 'til we meet again.

Chris H.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

River Scenes

I was walking Leo yesterday at Granite Park when I heard the sound of a diesel engine working hard.  I looked and saw a tugboat pushing a loaded grain barge east towards the Port of Lewiston.  This is a familiar sight around here since grain barges are one way to move harvested grain to Portland, OR.  

There are two types of cargo shipped from the Port of Lewiston.  One is grain in specially designed barges to keep grain dry and the other cargo, most likely paper, shipped in cargo containers loaded on flat decked barges.    Cargo is shipped year around.  

I have also seen the Calypso II and one of National Geographic's ocean-going research vessels moored at the Port of Clarkston.  There is also a sternwheeler cruise ship that makes the journey from Portland, OR. during the summer months.


Tug pushing 4 loaded grain barges.


November 4, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Autumn the time of year between the heat of summer and the cold of winter.  

The leaves are turning brilliant colors, the rusty reds are my favorite colors of the fall.  

The days and nights cool off as the sun swings south.  There is frost on the grass in the mornings and you can see your breath.  

I like Autumn, but its coming tells me that winter is not far behind.  

I do not like the cold of winter like I used to. 

 Maybe because I am older and the cold affects me differently than when I was younger.  

There is a smell in the air that accompanies the arrival of fall, a notice to your senses things are changing.  

Some plants die out right due the changing season and some plants simply go to sleep for the winter. 

The days are short and the nights are long and the weather keeps getting colder.  Well, that is my take on Autumn.

The Color Of Autumn!

Respectfully, the geminiblogger.
October 19, 2017